Jadis' Twine Repository

Twine "Games"

Before anyone asks, no, Twine isn't the ball of Twine, it's the programme I use to write and create choose-your-own adventures. Are they games? Not by my definition, because at best mine are like a slightly more interactive novel. But the purpose of these things is to do a bit of world-building, maybe tease a project or two of mine. These fall into two categories: a companion piece to the fanfiction I write; or the story-writing contests I host on a forum. These Twine games, however, I make public, so that people can suffer through my creations.

So, without further ado, I present - my Twine Repository, if the site name didn't give it away enough. I've also categorised them accordingly, so it shouldn't be any problems looking for the ones you want to play.

Story Writing Contest Teasers

Before the Bell Rope Broke
Contest: Sisters of the Hood
Rating: PG-16
Summary: Aldnesse is a quiet, sleepy student town, known for its beautiful Cathedral, the food, and the student population. Not much happens in this area - that is, right up until someone finds an unconscious babysitter in said cathedral, her right hand withered and burned...

One Quiet Night
- Coming soon!
Contest: The Benzai Company - Work-in-progress
Rating: PG-16
Summary: It's a quiet night at the company today. You're the last one in, and you can maybe hear the security guard shuffling around. Well then. Time to pull some overtime and get to work on what needs doing. Right?

Fanfiction Companion Pieces

Coming soon!